Office of the Delegate for Clergy

The Bishop's Delegate for Clergy serves as Bishop Burbidge's representative to the priests of our diocese, as well as those extern priests from other dioceses residing within our boundaries.

In addition to acting as a representative to the priests of our diocese, but also performs the following duties:

  • Oversees the distribution and evaluation of Priest Personnel Questionnaires, which evaluate the needs of the priests of the diocese to ensure they are supported.
  • Fields comments and complaints with regard to priests, and works towards solutions when issues arise regarding priests, deacons and seminarians.
  • Provides support to priests through annual meetings; facilitates counseling and other care for priests, if requested.
  • Facilitates mentoring and training programs for priests.

Clergy Personnel Board

The Delegate for Clergy also heads the Clergy Personnel Board, which evaluates the staffing of a parish and makes recommendations for annual clergy changes.