On November 7, 2015, over 1000 members of the diocese gathered together at All Saints Catholic Church in Manassas, Virginia, where Bishop Loverde offered a Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate his Jubilee Anniversary. 

    Performers from Mass of Thanksgiving:
    - Catholic Diocese of Arlington Festival Choir:
    All Saints Choir
    Arlington Diocesan Choir

    The Cathedral of Saint Thomas More Choir
    - Dr. Richard P. Gibala, Director
    - Dr. William Atwood, Organist
    - Mrs. Julia Atwood, Cantor
    - Brass Ensemble:
    Mr. Matthew Byrne
    Mr. Fred Gleason
    Mr. Henry Smart
    Mr. William Messerschmidt
    Mr. Matthew Misener

     From his homily:
    It has been such a privilege to lead people to Jesus: to proclaim His Word which is life-saving: to celebrate the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, for what better gift can I offer than Jesus Himself; to care for people in good times and in bad, to stand by them, hopefully allowing the love of Jesus to touch them through my presence and support…”