The Diocesan of Arlington offers tuition assistance to enable children to attend diocesan schools. This assistance is made possible through many sources such as contributions from parishes in our diocese, the Rooted in Faith~Forward in Hope Capital Campaign, the legislative efforts of the Virginia Catholic Conference, and generous donors. A description of tuition assistance along with the criteria and process follows.

    As a result of contributions of parishes along with endowment funding from the Rooted in Faith~Forward in Hope Capital Campaign, the diocese provides over $3,000,000 in tuition assistance to eligible families. A financial aid assessment must be submitted by the published date to verify financial need. Approved applications are made available to schools, along with the amount of funding that will be allotted. Schools make individual decisions with regard to the recipients and the amount of the award. Applicants must meet the published criteria, which includes being Catholic and living in the Diocese of Arlington.

    According to Virginia's new Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits program, donations to approved scholarship foundations will provide tuition scholarships to eligible students of lower-income families which enable them to attend non-public schools. In return for a donation, the donor receives a 65% tax credit on their Virginia taxes (certain regulations apply). The Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation has been approved to receive these donations. A financial aid assessment must be completed to verify income level. Applicants must meet the published criteria.


    What is the Program?

    The Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program provides financial assistance to families in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington through the Rooted in Faith~Forward in Hope Capital Campaign Endowment. It is open to all qualified students whose parents might not otherwise be able to pay the full cost of tuition.

    Spanish Overview
    Who is Eligible?         
    • Students attending or accepted by a Diocese of Arlington Catholic school (K-12)                 
        • Preschool and Pre-K is not eligible.
        • Not applicable to students of private Catholic schools associated with the Diocese and/or international students.
    • Students who are Catholic and members of a parish in the Diocese of Arlington or military base parish.
    • Families residing within the boundaries of the Diocese of Arlington and are registered and active members of a diocesan parish or a military base parish.                
    How Do I Apply?               
    • Submit a financial aid assessment application and all supporting tax documentation by the due date. 
    • Remit a processing fee.
    • Families seeking aid for students in BOTH ELEMENTARY AND HIGH SCHOOL should follow the high school submission date.

    Due Dates:

    • HIGH SCHOOL - January 23, 2017
    • ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - March 17, 2017

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    Funding for the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation is provided by individuals or businesses who receive 65% tax credit for their donation to the Scholarship Foundation.

    Scholarships recipients criteria
    • Families must complete a financial aid assessment to verify income level
    • Family income cannot exceed 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.
    • Additionally, recipient must be new to the Diocesan school system and residents of Virginia.
      • Transfer from public school or
      • Transfer from out of state or
      • Enroll in Kindergarten or first grade
        • First grade students must transfer from either a public school or out of state.
    • OR, recipient must have received this scholarship the previous year.

    The Diocesan Scholarship Foundation (tax credit) application must be completed by the local school and submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools. The amount awarded from this fund is limited by legislation, but can be supplemented by other tuition assistance funds.