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    the 2014 Devil's Advocate Series

    Devils Advocate 14 - Bible Fact or Fiction

    Devils Advocate 14 - Modern Family

    Devils Advocate 14 - Get with the Times

    Have you ever asked yourself:  If women are just as capable as men, why can’t women be priests?  Aren’t biblical stories like Adam & Eve clearly just myths? And if divorce allows couples to escape toxic, unhappy marriages, how can the Church disallow it? 

    If you've asked questions like these and gotten soft or unsatisfactory answers, come to The Devil's Advocate series. This series is designed as a dialogue between an antagonist and a defender of the teachings of the Catholic Church. It aims to answer the hardest questions for the Church by engaging with other viewpoints seriously and fairly.

    date & Time

    Mon., Sept. 8 - The Bible: Fact or Fiction
    Mon., Sept. 15 - Adapting to the Modern Family
    Mon., Sept. 22 - When Will the Church Get with the Times?

    Each debate held from 7pm - 9pm

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    Bishop O'Connell High School Auditorium
    6600 N. Little Falls Rd.
    Arlington, VA 22213

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    No need to register in advance. This event is open to everyone – Catholic and non-Catholic – so please invite your family, friends, and neighbors.

    A $5 donation will be suggested at the door.

    Hors d'oeuvres and beverages will be provided.


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    For more info, please call the Office for Family Life at 703-841-2550 or email