• Lightworks Ministry

Lightworks Ministry

Lightworks is a an Ignatian spiritual program to help you rediscover Christ and share your faith. Lightworks is 14 weeks of praying and sharing Lectio Divina Ignatian Prayer with imagination. 

Lightworks is for you..............

  • If you want to grow deeper and more intimately in your relationship with God through Scriptures
  • If you are open to and would like to learn the Lectio Divina and other Ignatian methods of prayer
  • If you would like to share and support fellow parishioners in this journey of faith
  • If you can spare 15 to 30 minutes a day to be with God


Read the Lightworks 2017 brochure to learn more about the program. 

I believed in God, but had no conviction in it. Whether God did exist, it did not seem to matter much to me. God was just this Divine Entity high up above the clouds, and He was not the source of life for me. It was impossible to imagine that God really cared about the whole world and each individual and myself. But now, I feel like being immersed in God's Love. His graces have changed me bit by bit, and I see God in all things in life, especially in my struggles. I have changed, and thus all things around me changed with me.