FIAT Testimonials

    "Being able to participate in FIAT was such a blessing in my life and something that I will always be grateful for. FIAT was such a uniquely beautiful way of encouraging us high-school girls on our spiritual journeys. I know for myself, FIAT has been spiritually refreshing and fruitful in more ways than I could ever express."

    "FIAT has been a wonderful experience for me and has given me the perfect opportunity to become closer to Jesus Christ. I believe that FIAT is a way for all young women to get a closer bond with Christ, especially for all young women in the process of discernment, whether it’s to the religious, consecrated, or married life.

    These FIAT days have given me many opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. For example, you get to hang out with all the sisters at meal and leisure times. Getting to know the sisters was amazing! Being able to hear their vocation stories and seeing their joy of being a sister inspires me to consider the possibility that maybe God could be calling me to the religious life. I loved being able to interact with so many different girls my age who share the same faith as I do, because with the society we live in now, it can be hard to find girls strong in their faith. I had a lot fun playing some of the different games such as pool, basketball, ping pong, and many more with all the different girls and sisters. And believe me; the sisters can get pretty competitive! The competition was so much fun!

    FIAT gave me a chance to make new friends, build new relationships, and open my heart more to Christ. After those five days at FIAT, I left wanting to be better. After spending time with the sisters and new friends, it strengthened my desire to grow in virtue. I am very grateful to God and our Bishop who made this camp possible."

    "FIATprovided spiritual nourishment, recreational enjoyment, and a new circle of dear friends.

    Among many activities that challenged me physically and spiritually, most enjoyment came from the moonlit walk on Mount Saint Mary’s campus while meditating on the Stations of the Cross.

    I realized that vocations of true dedication and commitment to our Lord are all uniquely different. He invites His little daughters to make personal “fiats” or rather, yeses, to His divine Will.

    My personal “fiat” moment came not during a talk, nor the rosary walk, but rather as I left at the end of the week. I figured my moment would be a great “hurrah!” however, I realized that the Lord asks very simply, very quietly. Will I be His? Will I cleave to Him? Simply, yes."

    "FIAT is a highlight of my year. I’ve been the last two years, and each time has been a complete blast…This year, I signed up for the soccer tournament, and one of the teams my team played included Sr. Mary Lawrence, a Dominican of St. Cecilia. I could barely believe my eyes watching her running and scoring goals in her habit! The most fun part of the day for me was always meals, because everyone who sat at my table was so much fun and we spent every meal laughing hysterically and having a great time…

    Spiritually, FIAT has really helped me grow and has helped shape my discernment…The talks on religious life give me a lot to think about during Adoration and Mass, and the time available for Confession gives me a chance to talk over what I’ve been praying about with a priest. Most of all, it’s been such an amazing experience to be around all the sisters, who are so in love with Christ. They provide a wonderful example and have greatly encouraged me in my discernment and spiritual life."