Ways of Giving

    Outright Gifts Outright contributions, often consisting of cash or appreciated securities, are the most direct way of assisting the Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s exemplary work and vision.
    Gifts of Cash Most gifts to the diocese are cash contributions, allowing donors to receive full tax benefits if they itemize deductions.
    Gifts of Securities A gift of appreciated securities, either publicly traded or from a private company may provide greater tax advantages than gifts of cash. The donor can deduct the current fair-market value as a charitable gift and completely avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.
    Gifts In-Kind The diocese will gratefully receive a range of non monetary gifts, commonly referred to as gifts in-kind.  Examples of gifts in-kind include real estate, artwork, special equipment and tangible personal property.
    Pledges Commitments made to the diocese as pledges can be paid over a period of three to five years.
    Planned/Deferred Gifts Unrestricted gift commitments may be made to the diocese within your Will, Trust or through other estate planning vehicles such as setting up a Donor Advised Fund, Charitable Gift Annuity, IRA, or Charitable Remainder Trusts.