Making Gifts of Stock

    To the right, please find a sample letter to download and assist you in making gifts of stock to:

    • the Catholic Diocese of Arlington
    • the Bishop's Lenten Appeal
    • the Rooted in Faith ~ Forward in Hope Campaign
    • and/or your parish or school

    You will also need to contact your broker in writing to provide proper documentation for a gift of stock. Assuming your stock is in a brokerage account, your broker should be able to easily proceed with a stock transfer with the account information listed in these letters. It is also most helpful for our record keeping if you send a copy of your letter to Mr. Timothy Cotnoir, Diocesan Finance Officer.

    You may fax this correspondence if you desire.

    Mr. Timothy Cotnoir

    703-524-5028 (fax)

    Mrs. Mary Reed

    703-684-9224 (fax)
                                              703-684-9222 (voice)
                                              866-684-9222 (toll-free)


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    Stock Gift Sample Letter

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    Stock Gift Sample Letter 

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