How to Start the Annulment Process


    This page of the Tribunal Web site is to help you get started with the annulment process. If you need assistance, please contact your parish priest or deacon.

    Catholic Diocese of Arlington

    How to Start?


    A person seeking to begin this process does not contact the Tribunal directly. The first step in this process is to meet with a parish priest or deacon and share the story of the former marriage with him. Subsequently, he will assist you in completing the preliminary application. If a parish priest or deacon is not available, please contact the Tribunal at 703-841-2555.


    The required application and petition forms are completed with the help of the priest or deacon, who will forward them to the Tribunal office. The Tribunal carefully studies all of the materials and, if the evidence seems to warrant consideration, a formal interview with the person seeking the annulment will be arranged.


    In addition, an interview with one of the Tribunal's professional counselors may be required.


    The interview with this counselor takes place at the Tribunal office and the appointment is scheduled by the judge assigned to the case in consultation with the person involved.