Men's Religious

    Religious orders In our diocese, or served by men from our diocese

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    Trappists, O.C.S.O. (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance) Berryville, VA

    Monastic, contemplative community living a common life characterized by charity, prayer and poverty.

    Franciscan Friars, T.O.R. (Third Order Regular)
    Herndon and White Post, VA

    Apostolicwork includes parishes, colleges, high schools, houses of formation, campus ministry, missions in Brazil, social justice and hospital chaplaincies.

    Youth Apostles Institute, Y.A.
    Arlington, VA

    A Public Association of the Faithful composed of single, married and consecrated laymen, and consecrated clerics committed to evangelize,teach, advise, challenge                           and console, youth with the ultimate purposeof inspiring them to live a Christ-like                             life centered on prayer and the Sacraments in the Catholic Church

    Vietnamese Dominican Fathers, O.P.
    Arlington, VA

    Parish ministry, teaching, counseling, retreats and foreign missions.

    Josephites, S.S.J.
    Alexandria, VA

    Apostolic community of priests and brothers dedicated to spiritual, educational and social ministry to the African-American community.

    Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, C.F.R.
    Bronx, NY

    Priestsand brothers living a common life dedicated to personal and communal reform within the Catholic Church. They serve the spiritual and material needs of the very poor, are engaged in pro-life activities andan extensive preaching apostolate, particularly to the youth.

    Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, O.S.F.S.
    Vienna and Alexandria, VA

    High school and college teachers, parish work and campus ministry, retreats,inner city and overseas missions, Armed Forces chaplains, adult education and hospital                              ministry.

    Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, C.I.C.M. (Missionhurst) Arlington and Culpepper, VA

    The Congregation of the ImmaculateHeart of Mary was founded in 1862 for the evangelization of China. Inspired by our founder’s devotion, Missionhurst missionaries have proclaimed the Good News of the Gospel insome of the most                                  remote places on earth.

    Congregation of the Holy Spirit, C.S.Sp. (Spiritans)

    Arlington, VA

    The Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart                             of Mary, or in Latin, Congregation Sancti Spiritus, C.S.Sp. is a congregation of                                 priests and lay brothers and since Vatican II, lay associates. Congregation members                           are also know as Spiritans and Holy Ghost Fathers.

    Disciples of Jesus and Mary, D.C.J.M.
    Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, S.A.
    Franciscan Friars, O.F.M. (Order of Friars Minor)
    Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, S.T.
    Mercedarians, O de M
    Redemptorists, C.Ss.R.