PERMANENT DIACTONATE                     

    The Permanent Diaconate Office welcomes applications from men of all communities and backgrounds. In order for the Good News to be incarnate, it is necessary for the Church to have ordained ministers in all of the various communities. The presence and witness of deacons from all communities will assist in identifying community needs and advance the response of Christian service.                    

    Catholic Diocese of Arlington

    The man discerning a vocation to be a deacon for the Diocese of Arlington should contact Reverend Thomas Ferguson at t.ferguson@arlingtondiocese.org.

    • Complete a formal application (obtained from the Permanent Diaconate Office) and submit it to the Director of the Permanent Diaconate accompanied by the documentation requested by the director.
    • Experience a screening process held from June through November which will determine the eligibility for acceptance into the formation program. Interviews are conducted for the applicant, and if married, for his wife.