women's religious                          


    religious orders In our diocese, or served by women from our diocese

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    Daughters of St. Paul, F.S.P.
    Alexandria, VA 


    An  international congregation of consecrated women, who as evangelizers,  video and audio technicians, writers, musicians, media animators,  artists, designers, printers, and radio broadcasters, announce God's word in the most effective ways possible.


      Discalced Carmelite Nuns of Port Tobacco, O.C.D.
      La Plata, MD


    Contemplative  cloistered community dedicated especially for the sanctification of priests, fidelity to a life of prayer and the evangelical counsels in  the service of the Church.


      Dominicans Sisters of Nashville, O.P.
      (Congregation of St. Cecilia)
      Woodbridge, VA


    College, high school, elementary teachers who live in contemplative communities.


      Dominicans Nuns, O.P.
    St. Dominic's Monastery
    Linden, VA                               

    Cloistered contemplative life; fidelity to the Holy Father; daily celebration of the Eucharist; choral celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours; daily exposition of the Blessed Sacrament; traditional Dominican habit; a life lived in community, balanced with lectio divina, private prayer, silence, study and work.


      Oblate Sisters of St. Francis de Sales, O.S.F.S.
     Fredericksburg, VA 

    High school and elementary educators who live in contemplative communities.


      Poor Clares, P.C.C.
      Alexandria, VA



    A cloistered, contemplative community dedicated to prayer, the Divine Office, perpetual adoration, joyous penance, poverty and simplicity.

      Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist
      Falls Church, VA

    The members of this community are vowed religious women who embody the spirit of St. Francis and seek to   enflame humanity with a sense of the sacred found deep within each   person. They are dedicated to the teachings of the Holy Father and   have a variety of apostolic endeavors all based on their Eucharistic devotion.


     Servants of the Lord and the Virgin Matara, S.S.V.M. 
     Washington, D.C.


    Apostolic  missionary sisters dedicated to preaching the Word of God in accordance  with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church who collaborate in  parish misions, Ignatian Spirtual Exercises retreats, catechesis, works  of charity and publishing philoshophical/theological books.  They also  have a branch of contemplative nuns.


      Sisters of Life, S.V. (Sorores Vitae)
      Archdiocese of New York


    Contemplative  community with apostolic pro-life work; housing and resources for  crisis pregnancies, retreats for pro-lifers, education and evangelization on the sacredness of life at all stages.


      Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I.H.M.
    Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church, VA


    Staff  and co-staff in colleges, high schools, academies, parish schools,  Montessori schools and for the visually impaired in North America and  two South American countries. 

    Adorers of the Holy Cross, M.T.G.
    Daughters of Charity, D.C.
    Daughters of Wisdom, D.W.
    Dominican Nuns of Buffalo, O.P.
    Dominican Sisters of Hawthorn, O.P.
    Dominican Sisters of Elkins Park, O.P.
    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus, F.M.I.J
    Handmaids of Reparations of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, A.R.
    Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, O.S.B.
    Order of St. Benedict, O.S.B. (Benedictine Sisters of Virginia)
    Pax Christi Institute, P.C.I.
    Poor Sisters of St. Joseph, P.S.S.J.
    Religious of the Cenacle, R.C.
    Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, R.S.H.M.
    Sisters in Jesus the Lord, C.J.D.
    Sisters of the Holy Cross, C.S.C.
    Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette, S.N.D.S.
    Sisters of Notre Dame, S.N.D.
    Sisters of St. Francis of Little Falls, MN, O.S.F.
    Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, O.S.F.
    Sisters of St. Joseph, S.S.J.