the Roman MissaL 


    "This translation means more than merely learning new responses to say during Mass, although the words have a particular purpose and are important. It is, ultimately, a call to strengthen our prayer to God during the liturgy and to more actively and authentically participate: to truly “lift our minds and hearts to God.”
         - Bishop Paul S. Loverde, The new translation — A call to deeper prayer 

    Catholic Diocese of Arlington

    Implementation in the Diocese of Arlington       

    On November 27, 2011, the Catholic Church in the United States began to use the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. 


    "Through these sacred texts and the actions that accompany them, Christ will be made present and active in the midst of his people."

    - Pope Benedict XVI, Address to the Vox Clara Committee, April 2010.

    New Translation Pew Card: detailing the new responses of the people during Mass.

    For more on the history and background of the new translation, visit:

    The USCCB Roman Missal Site

    A letter to all priests concerning musical changes, is available below:

    Letter concerning the implementation of musical settings


    Bishop Loverde