Convent Visitis

Convent Visits (Nun Runs)

Visiting convents and experiencing the life of religious sisters is an important part of discerning. On Sunday October 29, we will meet up at a common location, visit 3 different orders, and return to the meet-up location. At each convent we'll pray with the sisters, hear vocation stories and learn about their daily lives and apostolic work.

Cost is $20 and includes lunch and transportation. Deadline to register is October 20. Download the permission slip here.

A participant on one of our Nun Run had this to say: "It was such a wonderful day of prayer, joy, and witness to God's amazing love through the living vocations of each of the communities we visited. I loved hearing the conversations that sparked in between visits. I heard things like "If you were called to one of those communities, which one would you go to and why?" It's just so beautiful to hear conversation about a life so counter cultural and see that they recognize and understand the beauty in the various lifestyles/apostolates/missions God has called each of us to."