Diocesan Planning, Construction and Facilities Inspection Schedule Guidelines

Part 1: Complete Facility

The Facilities Manager and staff shall continuously observe the condition of all grounds, parking lots, fences, outdoor lighting and equipment, building structures, interior finishes, equipment, fixtures, and furnishings. Health and safety problems are to be corrected/fixed immediately or as soon as possible.

Part 2: Facility Condition Visual Assessment

1. Monthly - by Facility Manager or Facility Coordinator - by Pastor, Administrator, Principal.
2. Annual - by OPCF or outside inspector/consultant. #
3. Every 5 years - by Independent A & E firm and/or prior to submission of major construction project. #

Part 3: Component Inspection and Test

1. Structural envelope- annual.
2. Roofs- every 6 months and/or during gutter cleaning or roof repairs. Flat roof -moisture meter tests every 2years.
3. Sprinklers, fire alarms systems, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems. Once a year or more frequent if required by local jurisdiction. #
4. HVAC - quarterly.#
Smoke detectors-every six months
5. Emergency & exit lighting- as observed or weekly
6. Elevators- at least once per year. #
Switchboards, motor control centers- every 3 years by contract
7. Security alarms/systems-monthly
8. Irrigation systems -twice a year
9. Boiler, water heater- once a year or biannual. #
10. Lightening suppression - once a year. #
11. Motors, pumps, fans -once a year
12. Electrical cables, wiring, transformers, etc- once every 5 years perform an infrared thermographic scan. #

# = Inspection/Test by City/County, licensed/certified Inspector, P.E., Contractor, OPCF