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The Walk Humbly Podcast - Episode 48

A most unusual Holy Week, Gov. Northam signs pro-abortion bill on Good Friday, and more!

April 16, 2020


In this week's episode of the Walk Humbly Podcast:

  • Bishop Burbidge reflects on what it was like celebrating Holy Week without the faithful in the Cathedral of St. Thomas More
  • All diocesan priests joined in unity and fraternity by celebrating simultaneous Holy Hours at their parishes on Holy Thursday.
  • Governor Northam signs pro-abortion bill on Good Friday
  • Bishop Burbidge explains his guiding principles for decision related to canceling major diocesan events and initiatives 
  • The podcast format will change for the time being. Learn what that will look like!

Bishop Burbidge also answers questions from the faithful. If you are interested in submitting a question, please email info@arlingtondiocese.org and include your first name and parish.

Topics Discussed: