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The Walk Humbly Podcast - Episode 94

Work Camp 2022, Synod of Bishops report, World Meeting of Families and more! 

Plus, Bishop Burbidge answers questions from the faithful.

June 22, 2022


On this week's episode of The Walk Humbly Podcast, Bishop Burbidge:

  • Interviews young Work Camp 2022 participants about their experience, what made them attend, and why they encourage other young people to volunteer in the future
  • Provides a status update on the upcoming synopsis document for the Synod of Bishops
  • Shares a summary of the recent United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Spring Meeting
  • Highlights this week's World Meeting of Families in Rome and the Loudoun County couple who are providing a keynote address
  • Assures the faithful of his prayers as he and others take a pilgrimage to Philadelphia this weekend (Similar parish pilgrimages are forthcoming!)


Bishop Burbidge also answers the following questions from the faithful:

  • What does Bishop Burbidge do during his free time?
  • What is the most difficult part about being a bishop?
  • Has he ever witnessed a miracle?
  • What was his faith journey like as a teenager?
  • and several more!

Show Notes:

  • Walk Humbly Episode 94 (PDF available soon)

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