Office of Child Protection and Safety

The Office of Child Protection and Safety for the Diocese of Arlington provides programs to ensure a safe environment for children within the community of the Church.

Children are the most precious resource of the family and the Church. The greatest care must always be taken when the safety of children is involved. The Diocese of Arlington is committed to providing a safe environment to all children entrusted to our care and assisting each child to grow in grace and wisdom.

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Does the Diocese of Arlington provide Safe Environment Training for Children?

Yes, depending on the age of the child and with parental permission and involvement the Diocese of Arlington offers several training programs designed for youth to allow them to be a last line of defense and to ensure every child has the tools necessary to combat abuse.

For children in diocesan schools or in religious education programs at parishes in grades 1-8, the training program used is Formation in Christian Chastity.

For children in diocesan high schools or in youth ministry or high-school religious education programs at parishes, the training program may be either Called to Protect or Tricked at the choice of the pastor or principal.