The Raphael Endowment for Youth Ministry Fund

During his first experience at The Catholic Diocese of Arlington WorkCamp program in 2006, Nick Buck saw teenagers living their faith by improving the lives of others in our diocese. Over the course of seven summers, Mr. Buck recalls being emotionally moved as he witnessed scores of life-changing faith experiences in teenagers, residents, and adult leaders. His conclusion: “What a difference we could make if every diocese in the nation followed this formula!”

As the father of two, Nick witnessed teenagers' spiritual journeys through adolescence. “WorkCamp affords youth time away from distractions, with peers who are asking the same questions about their faith. Seeing Jesus in others can make all the difference. When they finish high school and go on their way in life, it's these faith experiences that will keep bringing them back to the Church."

As a big picture thinker in the world of business and government, so too is Nick Buck as he talks about his philanthropic vision. To put his giving wish into action, Nick was one of the first donors to establish a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at The Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Discussing his DAF with others, Nick realized that the physical challenges of homelessness and hunger can impede spiritual growth. “It's hard to maintain your faith in God's love when you're sleeping outside and haven't eaten.”

Confident God was revealing a greater plan, Nick prayed on a name for this Donor Advised Fund and was led to the Archangel Raphael. His DAF is identified as The Raphael Fund because Raphael protects us in our physical and spiritual journey. The Raphael Fund's charitable intentions include:

  • Ensuring WorkCamp has resources to continue in perpetuity as costs include unplanned materials and contractor expenses
  • Increasing the potential for WorkCamp to attract new youth ministers in our diocese and dioceses throughout the United States
  • Providing shelter for homeless youth within our diocesan boundaries

Nick's philanthropic interests are to assist youth in their spiritual journey with Christ, providing conditions that enable them to find and fall in love with Christ. This starts with ensuring they have shelter if needed and follows with opportunity to participate in WorkCamp.

Working to enact change during his lifetime, creating The Raphael Fund provides a way to ensure that even upon his death, his charitable giving will continue. Nick told us “God has done amazing things for me and I recognize that He does these things through each of us. We truly are His hands and feet. I'm blessed that the Lord would work through me to bring our youth to Him.”

"The Lord has given us a good life"

When Craig from Minnesota met Terri from Alabama, it was a match made in heaven. Married for 40 years, both believe their Catholic faith is a way of life. They surrendered to God's plan for their lives.

Craig finds that his faith provides the parameters that keep him on track no matter what challenges he may face. With an esteemed career as a pilot in the Air Force, flying over Vietnam and Laos, he knew his faith provided the parameters that always guided him.

Terri has learned that when things don't always go your way, and you have done everything possible to achieve your goal, at some point you realize your goal is not meant to be and accept that God has another plan for you and you follow it. Terri always dreamed of a nursing career, but she followed God's plan to pursue a career in education and has now been teaching over 40 years.

With a vacation home on the Potomac River, Craig and Terri have been parishioners at St. Paul Mission Church in Hague for many years. They have a deep sense of loyalty and affection for their parish.

They both engage in several ministries at St. Pauls including: keeping the food pantry full, gift giving to seniors and children, making Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets, and assisting with the famous annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Craig and Terri enjoy volunteering because sharing their time and gifts gives their lives purpose and fulfillment.

Terri finds that when she visits a person who is incarcerated, a patient in the hospital, or someone who is isolated without family, she derives great satisfaction knowing that she is helping and serving others.

After much reflection and prayer, Craig and Terri knew they wanted to give back to the Church by supporting several essential needs in our diocese. They contacted the Development Office to inquire how best to accomplish their charitable intentions. After learning more about their options, they decided to create The Craig W. and Theresa B. Duehring Endowment Fund. This permanently restricted endowment fund will provide financial assistance for parishes, schools, Catholic Charities and the Diocese. It was quite satisfying to create a legacy which supports their beliefs and the joy of being able to help others. By establishing this endowment, they know their generosity will have a lasting, positive effect for future generations.

Craig's philosophy is: if you believe in something (the Church), support it in any way you can. God put us on this earth to toil in the fields and not to frolic in the garden.

“That, hopefully, comes later.”

An everlasting love

Dick is a parishioner and volunteer at Holy Spirit in Annandale. Dick and his wife, Pat were happily married for nearly 60 years. Sadly, his wife passed away in 2019. Pat was a woman of many gifts. She was a devout Catholic who loved singing at Mass, an avid golfer, winning the Women's Triple Crown in 2008, and had an enduring soft spot for softball and Brindle boxers.

For some time, Dick wondered how to honor Pat's memory. He called the Development Office at the Diocese of Arlington with questions about Donor Advised Funds (DAF's) which are held within the Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington.

After learning Donor Advised Funds are irrevocable gifts that can be funded with cash or stock and donors receive an immediate charitable deduction for the value of their gift and capital gains avoidance if funded with stock, Dick decided to create a DAF in Pat's memory.

Funding his DAF with stock to further support his charitable giving, Dick can now simply contact the Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington and make grant distributions to organizations aligned with the principles of the Roman Catholic Church at his instruction and convenience.