Rooted in Faith - Capital Fundraising Initiative History

In 2001, Bishop Paul Loverde launched Rooted in Faith - Forward in Hope, the first capital campaign in the history of the diocese, with the hope of addressing many of the major financial needs required for sustaining and fostering continued growth in parishes and throughout the diocese.

The campaign was set to include support for the following initiatives:

  • Sustaining the parish as the center of our community of faith.
  • Increasing the availability of Catholic secondary schools.
  • Offering greater financial aid for children to attend Catholic Schools.
  • Strengthening and expanding programs available to the young people of our Diocese through religious education and youth ministry.
  • Providing a diocesan Priest Retirement Home.
  • Providing a diocesan spiritual life center to host gatherings that serve our faith.
  • Ensuring that Catholic Charities has adequate resources to serve those most in need.

By the close of the campaign, the diocese had raised $96 million, with 40% of the funds addressing local needs in diocesan parishes.

The wild success of the Rooted in Faith capital campaign ultimately fueled the creation of The Leadership Gift Program, an ongoing diocesan-wide fundraising program established to help address the major financial needs of the next four to five years.