Journey to Emmaus: A High School Youth Ministry Curriculum

Original Version

The original version of Journey to Emmaus is a text-based curriculum for use within a weekly youth ministry program and covers all material that should be taught to young people during their high school years.

Each session in the original version contains reference to national and diocesan guidelines, citations from Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, opening and closing prayers, games and icebreakers, a sample talk, and related media links to music, movies, and websites. Download this Key to Each Session for details about what is contained in each session.

There are two categories of sessions. The “catechetical nights” teach a particular doctrine. The “issue nights” address common cultural issues that teens may face and may be inserted at any point into the curriculum.

Emmaus Chart

Journey to Emmaus follows a spiral curriculum, revisiting each doctrinal element over the course of eight semesters. The systematic nature of the curriculum is strengthened by each session’s reference to the “Golden Threads.” These are the foundational reality of our faith to which this doctrine is tied.

The original version is password protected and may be provided to parishes in the Diocese of Arlington free of charge. Leaders outside the diocese can purchase access to the original version by contacting Jeff Ghering or calling 703-841-2559. You can preview a session here.

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