CRS Rice Bowl and CRS Second Collection Comparison Q&A

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What is the CRS Rice Bowl and what is the CRS Collection?

The CRS Rice Bowl is CRS’ Lenten faith-formation program of prayer, learning and almsgiving that encompasses the entire season of Lent.

The CRS Collection is a second collection taken up in our diocese on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.

Whom do my contributions benefit in the CRS Rice Bowl Program and the CRS Collection? 

CRS Rice Bowl
75 percent of alms supports CRS’s work overseas that helps increase and maintain communities’ access to food.

25 percent of alms remains within our diocese to support efforts to combat hunger and poverty locally.

CRS Collection
The Collection supports several Catholic organizations: CRS, several offices of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Holy Father’s Relief Fund, and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. All of these advance the international social ministry of the Church.

If I contribute to one, am I contributing to the other?

No – they are completely separate!

Rice Bowl focuses on supporting CRS’s work related to hunger alleviation, such as improved agricultural practices, seed programs for farmers, and education for better nutrition. In addition, Rice Bowl provides many opportunities for spiritual growth, such as daily reflections, stories about our brothers and sisters in developing countries, and meatless meals to prepare and share.

The Collection funds several different organizations, not just CRS. And it supports CRS work in a number of programming areas other than hunger, such as peacebuilding, microfinance projects and education.

How do I contribute to the CRS Rice Bowl and the CRS Collection?

To contribute to CRS Rice Bowl:
Obtain your Rice Bowl from your parish or school and put your sacrificial offerings into the bowl throughout Lent. Watch for instructions from your parish or school about where and how to turn in your alms.

To contribute to the CRS Collection:
Use your parish collection envelope and place your contribution in the collection basket on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.