• Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation

Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation

Please give the gift of a Catholic Education and receive most of your donation back through federal and state tax savings!

The Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation (DASF) is part of the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program which provides scholarships to low income new students to a Diocese of Arlington Catholic School.

  • Donors receive 65% of their approved donation in Virginia tax credits
  • Donors who itemize also receive a Virginia tax deduction and a partial federal tax deduction
  • Donating appreciated stock also avoids capital gains taxes - contact our office for a stock donation form
  • Donors may download the preauthorization application and submit directly to the DASF office for approval.

These donations, in addition to giving you, the donor, a tax benefit, will provide a life-changing education for our new students.

The preauthorization form required for making your donation can be found below, downloaded directly from the Department of Education website or obtained from the Diocese of Arlington Development Office.

The Development Office may be reached at (703) 841-2764 or DASF@arlingtondiocese.org


DASF testimonial

As a single parent, I'd like to say how grateful I am to have received such a wonderful scholarship for my two boys. They are able to be a part of a faith community that nurtures and enriches them through attending Mass and being in smaller classes with exemplary teachers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

All Saints3

Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's great about tax credits?

A tax credit allows you to subtract the amount of the credit - dollar for dollar - from the total amount you owe the state in taxes, not from taxable income.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO ITEMIZE TO USE TAX CREDITS!

Who is eligible for the tax credit?

Any individual or business entity may receive a tax credit for eligible donations.

What kind of donations qualify for the credit?

Eligible donations include checks or marketable securities/stock.  Charitable distributions from IRAs are accepted, however these are subject to a limit on the tax credit amount.  Please consult your tax advisor for guidance on your own specific circumstance.  

How are donations limited?

In order to receive a tax credit donors must contribute a minimum of $500. For individuals, including married couples, eligible maximum donation is $125,000 per person per tax year. Therefore, the maximum tax credit of an individual’s donation is $81,250 (65% of $125,000). Business entities, including sole proprietorships, have no donation limits.

How do I qualify for a tax credit?

In order to qualify for a tax credit, donors must request a preauthorization for their donation prior to making a donation.  Donors can submit their preauthorization request form directly to the DASF office for approval.  The preauthorization is valid for 180 days.  Donations made without preauthorization will not be eligible for the tax credit. The Preauthorization Request Form can be downloaded from the Virginia Dept. of Education website:  www.doe.virginia.gov/school_finance/scholarships_tax_credits or located here on our website.

How does a donor obtain a Preauthorization form?

The Preauthorization form is available for download above, or can be downloaded directly from the Department of Education website: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/school_finance/scholarships_tax_credits.  You can them email your signed and completed form to dasf@arlingtondiocese.org

I received my preauthorization form, now what?

Once you receive the preauthorization approval form from the VA DOE (form has a 6 character code at the top) complete Part 1 of this form, sign it and mail it with your check to:

Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation
200 North Glebe Road, Suite 811
Arlington, VA 22203

Please make checks payable exactly to Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation

Can I donate marketable securities?

Yes, please contact our office directly at 703-841-3819 for a stock donation form and specific instructions prior to making your donation.  

Can a particular school or schools be designated to receive my donation to the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation (DASF)?

No, this tax credit program does not permit DASF Funds to be earmarked to a particular school.

Which students receive these scholarships?

Students must be Virginia residents entering K or 1st Grade, or transferring from public school and financially qualify annually under the specified poverty guidelines.  More information on this can be found through the Office of Catholic Schools www.arlingtondiocese.org/Catholic-Schools/Diocesan-Scholarship-Foundation/