• Events for High School Girls

FIAT (Vocation Events for High School Girls)

'FIAT' is a Latin word for 'Let it be done'. It was Mary's response to the angel Gabriel when she was asked to become the mother of Jesus. 'Let it be done unto me according to Your Will' refers to Mary's 'Yes' to God. The members of FIAT are young women in high school who are open to the possibility that God could call them to a religious vocation. Regardless of their ultimate calling, they strive to grow closer to Christ, and make their own "fiat" or "yes" to Him.

The FIAT group offers fun and formative events throughout the year that help you grow in your relationship with Christ, interact with religious sisters, and learn more about all vocations. One of the biggest events is the summer camp; see comments and photos from the 2019 camp here (and see below for information on other upcoming events, which are a bi tin flux due to COVID-19 restrictions).

FIAT events are for young women currently in grades 9-12; the summer camp is for rising 9-12 graders.