The Catholic Campaign for Human Development

Founded and operated by our U.S. Catholic Bishops, CCHD is the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Church, working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ ‘. . . to bring good news to the poor . . . release to captives . . . sight to the blind, and to let the oppressed go free.’ (Luke 4:18) 

CCHD works to break the cycle of poverty by helping low-income people participate in decisions that affect their lives, families and communities.

CCHD work is funded by the CCHD Second Collection taken up annually in our diocese. 

Offering a hand up, not a hand out.

CCHD is an effective monetary grant program that helps people in need acquire the skills and resources to move out of poverty and live independently and with dignity. 

CCHD funds projects that help people start businesses, gain job skills, learn how to work together with others to improve their communities, etc. 

This work is a critical complement to the Church’s work of feeding, sheltering and relieving other immediate needs of those in poverty. 

Providing education on poverty and its causes

CCHD also educates those who are not poor about poverty and its causes. Through their program, Catholic faithful are provided with opportunities to share monetary resources with CCHD and give time to work with CCHD projects in the Diocese. These opportunities assist the faithful in living out the love of God and neighbor in ways that express their baptismal call and continuing Eucharistic transformation. 

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