Corpus Christi


Founding Pastor: Fr. Michael Taylor
Parish Founded: 2014
Church Dedication: 2021

What Makes This Parish Unique?

Corpus Christi Church is a cruciform, Gothic style church-a style which emphasizes height and light. The church building is designed in a classical tradition, drawing the mind, the senses and the heart to God. The church is located in Aldie, which is considered the "gateway to the Piedmont region" of Loudoun County. Corpus Christi is a young parish with a genuine sense of joy and welcome for parishioners and newcomers alike. In this young and growing parish, volunteer opportunities abound. A generosity in participation and sense of ownership have blossomed with the dedication of the new church building. A livestream of the church sanctuary is available 24/7 from the parish website, enabling anyone to make a virtual visit any time they would like.

Parish History:

For 21 years, the people of Corpus Christi Church travelled from location to various location to celebrate Mass together each Sunday. Prior to the establishment of the church building, Sunday Masses were celebrated at Little River Elementary School, Hutchison Farm Elementary School, John Champe High School and Saint Paul VI Catholic High School. An abundance of volunteers took ownership of the many tasks to be done in the parish's early days-and accomplished them with joyful faithfulness. These early parishioners were the pioneers whose sacrifices and generosity laid the foundation for the future of the parish. Each milestone was momentous as the parishioners and clergy alike looked forward to the day when they would have an actual church. Beginning in 2011, the parish began a daily prayer to Saint Joseph, asking him to aid the parishioners in attaining "a church and a stable home." The parish acquired 18 acres of land off Route 50 in Aldie and broke ground for the church in 2019. In 2021, a year designated by Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, as the "Year of St. Joseph," the new church was dedicated by Bishop Michael Burbidge.

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