Saint Bridget of Ireland

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Founding Pastor: Monsignor Stanley Krempa
Parish Founded: 2017
Church Dedication: St. Bridget of Ireland served for a long time as a mission of Sacred Heart Parish in Winchester. The current church was dedicated on May 25, 2002.

What Makes This Parish Unique?

St. Bridget of Ireland Parish was established in July 2017, making it one of the "younger” parishes in the diocese. 

Prior to the current church being dedicated in 2002, Masses were celebrated at Grace Episcopal Church, located in downtown Berryville, and in the Berryville Opera House. Chet Hobert, who died in 2004 at the age of 100, was instrumental in arranging having those early Masses celebrated. Barbara White was the chapel building committee chairperson, with assistance from Carl Hales.

Monsignor Stanley Krempa was the founding pastor. Father Paul Grankauskas current pastor, succeeding him in 2018.

Today, the parish has over 500 registered families. A parish hall was built 2013, and a rectory was built in 2017.

What makes St. Bridget a special place is its size. The church seats about 360, and people say they appreciate the intimate size as well as the beauty of the church. Stained glass windows depict scenes from the Gospel, and several windows also include tributes to the history of the parish and the surrounding area. One stained glass window contains an image of the original Sacred Heart Church, located in downtown Winchester. Another depicts Holy Cross Monastery, a Trappist monastery located 15 minutes away down Route 7. The beauty of the church - as well as its closeness to Rosemont Hall, a popular wedding reception venue - makes St. Bridget Church a popular place for weddings.

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