Cistercian Monks of the Strict Observance

Name of Congregation: Cistercian Monks of the Strict Observance, AKA Trappist Monks (Holy Cross Abbey, Berryville)

Active or contemplative: Contemplative

What is the timeframe your congregation has served the Diocese of Arlington?
Our founding was in 1950.

What type of ministry does your congregation carry out in the Diocese of Arlington? 
 We are a cloistered monastic order, but we do have a retreat house which is open to the public.

Describe the charism of your congregation:

Our Order of Cistercian Monks is a monastic institute wholly ordered to contemplation. The monks dedicate themselves to the worship of God in a hidden life within the monastery under the Rule of St. Benedict.

The monks lead a monastic way of life in solitude and silence, in assiduous prayer and joyful penitence, thus rendering to the divine majesty a service that is once humble and noble (Constitution C.2).

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