CRS Rice Bowl

Rice Bowl is the official Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services, the overseas relief and development agency of the United States Catholic Bishops.

It calls Catholics in the U.S. to reach out to people in poverty around the world through the traditional Lenten practices of prayer, fasting, learning, and giving. 

CRS Rice Bowl also helps us to become global disciples, by reaching out to our brothers and sisters no matter where they live — allowing them to touch our lives as well.  

Our diocese is an active participant in the CRS Rice Bowl Program. 

For more information about CRS Rice Bowl in the Diocese of Arlington, including how your parish or school can participate, please contact Carla Perantoni Walsh, Diocesan Coordinator of Catholic Relief Services Programs, at or 703-841-3839.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CRS Rice Bowl

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What is the difference between the CRS Rice Bowl Program and the CRS Second Collection that is taken up on the Fourth Sunday of Lent?

The CRS Rice Bowl is not a collection, but rather a Lenten experience of prayer and learning. Visit the Rice Bowl and CRS Second Collection comparison page to learn the differences between the Rice Bowl Program and the CRS Second Collection.

How can I personally make Rice Bowl a Lenten experience in my life?

There are many different ways to keep Lent with CRS Rice Bowl: 

  • You can use the daily reflections that come with our rice bowls to consider how we can live with greater concern for those among us who are most vulnerable. 
  • You can pray the Rice Bowl Stations of the Cross to see the face of Jesus in our suffering neighbors overseas. 
  • You can encounter your suffering neighbor through their Stories of Hope and share in their humble meals by using the Lenten Recipes with your family.  

Does Rice Bowl help feed the hungry in our diocese?

Yes. Lenten sacrifices through Rice Bowl feed not only the hungry overseas but also those right here in our own diocese. 

One-quarter of the alms collected in our diocese stays here to fund activities that help fight hunger locally. In the past, grants have primarily supported area food pantries

Beginning this year, grants are available to support broader activities like coops, sharing gardens, and cooking and nutrition classes.

Click the "Apply Now" link below to visit a page where you can download the grant guidelines and application.

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How do I bring CRS Rice Bowl to my parish or school?

To request more information about how to bring CRS Rice Bowl to your parish or school please  contact the diocesan CRS Program Office.