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Korean Catholic Community

St. Paul Chung Catholic Church in Fairfax is a National Parish and serves the needs of the Korean Catholic Community. The parish, which was erected in 1996, is staffed by Korean priests and hosts unique programs of Korean culture, cultivates communication and fosters evangelization among first and second-generation Korean American Catholics.

Korean Catholic Church

Korean Catholicism cascaded from Martyrs’ faiths

"May is a special month for Korean Catholics. Saint Pope John Paul II canonized 103 Korean martyrs to sainthood in May 6, 1984. Pope Francis beatified 124 Koreans including 123 martyrs in 2014, and declared May 29 to be the day of commemoration for the Blessed. In addition, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Korea dedicated the month of May to adore the Virgin Mary..."

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Thomas Choe Yang-eop

Pope Francis Proclaims Korean Priest Venerable, Moving His Cause for Canonization Forward

Father Thomas Choe Yang-eop was a Korean Roman Catholic priest, who traveled across Eastern Asia by foot to visit Catholics in remote villages, where foreign missionaries were banned from visiting. It is claimed that Father Choe walked an average of 2,800 kilometers a year to these remote villages.

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Prayer for Korean Vocations

The Diocese of Arlington created a prayer for vocations, particularly for those in the Korean Community. This prayer was written in hopes of fostering vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life from the Arlington Diocese and is presented in by the Office of Vocations in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Ministries.

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Multicultural Mass Information

Discover when and where to attend a Mass in a different language or with a specific culture. The Catholic Diocese of Arlington offers multiple, regular Masses for the following communities: Brazilian, Cameroon, Deaf Ministry, Eritrean (Ge'ez Rite), Filipino, Irish (Gaelic), Ghanaian, Indian Syro-Malabar Rite, Indian (Tamil), Korean, Sierra Leone and Vietnamese.

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