Steven R. Hemler

Steven R. Hemler is President of the Catholic Apologetics Institute of North America (CAINA) and author of The Reality of God: The Layman’s Guide to Scientific Evidence for the Creator and Search No More: The Keys to Truth and Happiness, both published by Saint Benedict Press/TAN Books.  He is also the Coordinator of Christian Initiation and Adult Faith Formation for his parish, Precious Blood Catholic Church in Culpeper.  Steve has a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from Loyola University of Chicago, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Civil/Structural Engineering from Virginia Tech. He also has a Certificate in the Catechism of the Catholic Church from Catholic Distance University and Advanced Catechist Certification from the Diocese of Arlington.

Steve has been actively involved in adult and adolescent catechesis for over 30 years, including developing and teaching six popular online apologetics seminars for the Certificate in Apologetics offered by Catholic Distance University.  His multimedia presentations focus on strengthening faith and equipping Catholics to better explain and share why we believe what we do.  After a 33-year professional engineering career, including 13 years in Saudi Arabia, Steve took early retirement in 2011 to follow a calling to serve God and the Church full-time.  He and his wife Linda have been married for nearly 40 years and have three grown children.

Apologetics Presentations

  • God and Science: Where Does the Evidence Lead?
  • Proclaiming the Reality of God: Scientific and Human Evidence of God’s Existence
  • Which is True: Creation, Evolution, or Both?
  • How Do We Know Jesus is Truly the Son of God Who Really Rose from the Dead?
  • How Are We Saved?  The Catholic View of Salvation
  • Why We Need the Church: Being "Spiritual" is Not Enough
  • Why Would a Loving God Allow Evil, Pain, and Suffering?
  • Islam and Christianity: What We Learned Living 13 Years in Saudi Arabia
  • A Pilgrim People: The Story of Our Church
  • Effective Youth Catechesis