Kick-Off 2017

Whether you are a veteran Director of Youth Ministry (DYM) heading into your tenth year of ministry or you just started working at the parish yesterday, this event is for YOU! On Thursday, August 24th we will have our annual Kick-Off at St. Mary of Sorrows. This is the largest gathering of DYMs each year in the Diocese and is a great opportunity to meet new DYMs and to connect with those that you already know. The annual theme will be revealed, you will hear about our upcoming events, and everyone who attends will receive free giveaways! National speaker Roy Petitfils will present, drawing on his professional counseling background and experience in ministry to educate, motivate, and inspire. This is also the first gathering each year with your deanery, so don't miss it! 

Breakfast and lunch will be provided and Mass is included in the schedule.

Please RSVP to April at 703-841-2559 or