Leadership Gift Program - Financial Overview

The desire to “prepare the way” for new diocesan leadership upon his retirement has prompted Bishop Loverde to discern and initiate the actions needed over the next few years to propel the future growth and well-being of our diocesan church. Upon reflection, Loverde decided to initiate "The Leadership Gift Program", a means of addressing the major financial needs of various programs and ministries in the diocese.

The following page gives a visual and textual overview of those major diocesan financial needs:

Spreading the good news of the new evangelization

$2,500,000 to assist parishes in fortifying their new evangelization outreach efforts and to conduct diocesan-wide multi-media initiatives.


Providing financial assistance to help children attend diocesan Catholic schools

$24,000,000 to build up the current diocesan catholic tuition assistance endowment to $43,000,000.


Addressing the facility needs of the older diocesan high schools

$15,000,000 to distribute among the three older high schools (bishop ireton, bishop o’connell and pope paul vi high schools) for facility improvements.


Improving the facilities of San Damiano Spiritual Life Center

$1,500,000 to further renovate and enhance our diocesan retreat center and campus.


Promoting a culture of life

$1,500,000 to help the diocese expand its respect life programs and develop advocacy and media efforts promoting a culture of life and supporting women in need.


Strengthening Catholic Charities programs and outreach

$6,000,000 to fortify the institution’s program endowment and an additional $2,000,000 to expand immediate critical food assistance, housing and family counseling programs.


Fulfilling the Retired Priests Pension Fund

$3,000,000 to address the current shortfall in the diocesan priest pension fund accrued benefit obligation (abo)