Risk Management

The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to actively protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Diocese.

Goals & Objectives

Our main objective is to pursue open communication, cooperation, collaboration and proactive management with administrators, trustees, officers, faculty, staff, volunteers, parishioners, students and the public, so that the entire community may work together to reduce risks for the benefit of the entire Arlington Diocese.

Our primary goal is to reduce the Diocese's exposure to risk through educated and thoughtful decision making processes, immediate response to potential losses, implement appropriate transfer of risk and thorough mitigation of losses

All employees of the Diocese can assist in its risk management. The Risk Management Office encourages employee involvement in reporting hazards and unsafe conditions. Please report any hazards and/or unsafe conditions in the workplace to your supervisor.

Your supervisor will take prompt and appropriate action to determine if a hazard exists and to correct the hazard. The Risk Management Office can provide assistance upon request.

If the issue cannot be resolved at the departmental level, the employee and/or supervisor should contact the Risk Management Office at 703-841-2503.