• Catholic Schools in Stafford & Spotsylvania Counties

Stafford & Spotsylvania Catholic Schools

Catholic schools within the bounds of Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties (includes Stafford, Garrisonville, Fredericksburg, and Thornburg).

Holy Cross Academy

The teachers and administration have far exceeded my (high) expectations during the past three years that my child has attended K thru 2nd there. Each year I am amazed with the creativity and passion of the teacher and each year I worry that the upcoming year could never be as wonderful. AND each year we are again met with a heartfelt teacher and a challenging but exciting and engaging curriculum. It is difficult to send your child away for 7+ hours each day and trust that they will be taught, guided and loved the same as if they were in your own care. Here at Holy Cross, it is not difficult to drop my child off there every morning. The teachers, faculty, and school community provide an environment that lives their faith, supports and encourages one another, and where my child is met with both academic challenges and success.