Local parish use drone to keep worshipers updated on new church construction



July 19, 2017


ARLINGTON, Va. – Father James Hudgins, Pastor at St. Jude Catholic Church in Fredericksburg keeps parishioners on top of the construction of the parish’s new church…via a drone.  "Everyone in the parish loves to see the regular video updates from a camera-mounted quadcopter drone, owned and operated by one of our St. Jude parishioners,” says Hudgins. 


The parishioner, Andrew Flusche, is compiling the footage to create an amazing time-lapse of the entire construction project.


“I am just a drone hobbyist,” says Flusche.  “I took some pictures of the initial site prep with my drone because I was curious to see the site from above. Father Hudgins and parishioners enjoyed seeing the progress, so I continued.”


Flusche says he flies the drone once a week at the construction site where the new church is being built on Lee Hill School Drive. “FAA regulations require that the drone is within my visual line of sight at all times,” he says.  You can follow the progress here, or via the Saint Jude Catholic Church website here.

The church is scheduled to be completed in early 2018.


History of St. Jude Catholic church in Fredericksburg


The church has been operating inside a former motorcycle retail store on Courthouse Road for seven years.  Prior to that, the church was at a gym at 10800B Courthouse Road in Fredericksburg from 2003-2010.  And when it first opened, Mass was held at Covenant Funeral Home on Jefferson Davis Highway.


Father Hudgins became pastor in June, 2011.  That autumn, he took a trip up to the Diocese of Allentown and found some pews in Saint Bartholomew’s Catholic Church in Brockton, Pa. Prior to that, the church used folding chairs and few people knelt at the motorcycle shop.