Newly renovated church reminiscent of the 16th century



July 26, 2017


PURCELLVILLE, Va. – Rev. Ronald Escalante, Pastor at Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Purcellville prayed to find the right people to help him transform the interior of his church into a liturgical setting that Saint Francis de Sales, a 16th century saint known for his gentleness, devotion to the faith, and struggles with Calvinism, would have witnessed during his lifetime.

His prayers were answered. 

“I found four devout parishioners, and we formed a guild – a committee if you will, to work on this project,” he says.   “The guild has worked tirelessly with great love and joy to recapture the 16th century French Baroque era of our patron saint in designing the new sanctuary and interior of the church.”

In February, 2017, the interior church was gutted to make way for the renovations.  “At the time, the pews were falling part, the roof was leaking, the paint was cracking, and the window panes were rotting,” says Escalante.  Now, more than one year later, the interior is taking shape.

Rev. Escalante says the newly renovated church will be open September 17, 2017, to celebrate the 50th or Golden Anniversary of the parish (1967-2017).

“It is our intention that our newly renovated church will become a spiritual center for prayer and devotion not only for our parishioners but for all the devotees of Saint Francis de Sales.  The first class relics of Saint Francis de Sales and Saint Jane Frances de Chantal will be permanently installed in the sanctuary for veneration,” says Escalante.

Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church has 6,288 registered parishioners.  Father Escalante has been the pastor since February, 2009.