Risk Management Authorized Drivers

Any individual who wishes to drive a diocesan owned or rented vehicle must be authorized to drive for the Diocese by the Office of Risk Management. Diocesan owned vehicles are vehicles registered and/or titled to a Catholic Diocese of Arlington parish, school or office. Rental contracts must list the name of the parish or school to qualify as a diocesan rental; it may not be listed in an individual’s name. Authorized drivers may be employees or volunteers within the Diocese.


To become an authorized driver, applicants must:


  • Be at least 21 years of age (25 years of age for WorkCamp)
  • Have a minimum of two years’ driving experience
  • Complete the Authorized Drivers application
  • Submit their motor vehicle record from the state Department of Motor Vehicles (drivers with non-Virginia licenses only)
  • Complete the online driver tutorial


The Authorized Driver Application may be downloaded from the Office of Risk Management's website. A free MS Word Viewer may be used to open the document. It must be completed in full and signed before returning via mail. Once your application has been processed, you will receive a website Login ID to use to complete the online driver tutorial.

Motor Vehicle Record

If the driver has a license outside of Virginia, the driver must submit his or her motor vehicle record from the state department of motor vehicles. The Office of Risk Management will reimburse fees to obtain out of state motor vehicle records up to $15. The Office of Risk Management is able to directly obtain motor vehicle records for drivers with Commonwealth of Virginia driver licenses.

Online Driver Tutorial

After having completed the application, applicants must also complete the online driver tutorial. This is not a driving test but a series of general driving questions in order to refresh experienced drivers on basic driving safety. Once the applicant has completed and submitted the Driver Application to the Office of Risk Management, Risk Management will email the applicant additional instructions on how to complete the Driver Tutorial.

Notification of Approval

Once the driver application, motor vehicle record check and online driver tutorial have been completed by the applicant and submitted to the Office of Risk Management, the applicant will receive an email from the Office of Risk Management alerting the applicant of approval or denial to drive a diocesan vehicle. The information will also be communicated to the location for which the applicant wishes to drive.

Recheck and Expiration

The Office of Risk Management reserves the right to re-check driving records at any time. In the event an applicant was not approved, the applicant may request a review in a year. Approved drivers should anticipate a review no later than five years after their approval date.

A driver may be required to show their driver’s license prior to driving a diocesan vehicle, and will be required to have a current driver’s license with them at all times in the vehicle.

Reporting Accidents and Incidents

An Incident Report must be completed for every accident or any incident involving property damage or injury. Reports should be completed within 24-48 hours (prompt reporting is key to recording accurate information and to help eliminate delay of medical coverage). Keep the reports on file at the parish/school and send a copy to the Office of Risk Management.