Risk Management Review

Certificates of Insurance from Contractors and Service Vendors

Any entity that does business with the Diocese of Arlington is required to have adequate and proper insurance coverage. This requirement includes minimum policy limit amounts and prescribed financial and stability parameters for the insurance carriers providing the policies. These provisions are in place to ensure that the Diocese does not become financially responsible for any liability created by vendors and others with whom we do business.

Some vendors have minimal assets immediately available to finance an unexpected liability claim. Insurance is the most common means to ensure that money will be available to pay a claim. In the absence of proper insurance, it is possible that the cost of a claim for which a vendor is responsible might be unduly shifted to the Diocese.

Here are the minimum requirements for a contractor’s insurance coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability (all contractors) - $1,000,000 CGL combined single limit, occurrence based.
  • Auto Liability (if vehicles are used to perform work on-site) - $1,000,000 limit.
  • Excess Liability (when CGL is less than $2M) - $1,000,000 umbrella or excess.
  • Workers’ Compensation (when employing more than 5 people) - statutory limit where work is performed.
  • Employer’s Liability - $500,000 per accident/per disease total and per employee.
  • Professional Liability (certain professions, such as Architects, Lawyers, Accounts) - $1,000,000 per claim.

Certain activities and events do not involve multiple workers or driving operations, and therefore are exempt from having to provide auto liability, workers’ compensation, surety/bonding coverages, or professional liability. In these cases the only insurance that is required is commercial general liability. The minimum requirements for liability insurance coverage include:

The insurance carrier providing Commercial General Liability must have an A.M. Best rating of A- or better, and a financial rating of X or better (You may check the rating of any licensed carrier on the following web site:www.ambest.com).

The minimum coverage amount is $1,000,000/occurrence, $2,000,000/aggregate through a single carrier or as combined coverage using excess liability.

Include this additional insured wording:

  • The Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, VA, and his successors in office are named as additional insured for those operations of the Named Insured.
  • 30 days’ notice of cancellation must be provided to the Diocese for all policies.
  • The information above details minimum requirements. Additional requirements may be imposed by the Office of Risk Management dependent upon a number of variables, including, but not limited to, the following: extent of exposure, previous history, and nature of exposure. The Diocese also reserves the right to modify any insurance requirement at its discretion. Please list the Certificate Holder as the following:
  • Catholic Diocese of Arlington
    Office of Risk Management
    200 North Glebe Road – 6th floor
    Arlington, VA 22203
  • Request Certificates of Insurance Whenever a parish or school activity is held at a private or publicly owned facility, that owner may request a certificate of insurance for that activity (similar to what we require when outside vendors perform work on our premises). Please contact the Office of Risk Management (703-841-2758) to obtain a Certificate of Insurance showing coverage for a diocesan organization. A Request Proof of Insurance - Diocesan Coverage form is located in the "Forms" section of this web site. Contract Review The Office of Risk Management should review contracts or agreements that may present a risk of accidental loss to the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Likewise, the Office of Risk Management should review any contracts containing insurance provisions, waivers of subrogation, additional insured status, liability limitations or waivers, indemnification, or hold harmless clauses. Contracts with 3rd party vendors or contractors or equipment leasing company contracts would fall under this requirement for review. Please send these to the attention of The Office of Risk Management (703-841-4786/fax or riskmanagement@arlingtondiocese.org)