CPR, First Aid, & AED Training

Training And Certification Program

The Diocesan Office of Risk Management has put in place a CPR, First Aid, and Automated External Defirbillator (AED) training and certification program as part of the Office's evangelization mission. The Office of Risk Management in partnership with the American Red Cross will provide training to school personnel, parish staff, parents, parishioners and students. Omar Mejia, Risk Specialist for the Office of Risk Management is currently the only certified instructor able to give training and certification classes. Omar is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Classes can be given on weekdays or Saturdays and can be held at the Diocese of Arlington or at your location. The class is an 8-hour course. Please email Omar Mejia if you are interested in becoming certified or in hosting a training class.

The cost for a two year certification on all three subjects thru the American Red Cross is $65.00 per individual. The Office of Risk Management provides all the materials nedeed for the training class.

AED's Guidelines and Protocols

Please reference the AED Guidelines and Protocols Form that the Diocese of Arlington uses as a guide for diocesan locations who have or are interested in having an AED. Although the regulations regarding AED’s in the Commonwealth of Virginia may change, this information should answer some questions you may have:

  • In 2003 the Commonwealth of Virginia passed House Bill NO. 1860 which updated the AED laws by repealing Code of Virginia § 32.1-111.14:1 which required registration of AED’s to state authorities. Section 3 of the code stated that “A licensed physician shall supervise the defibrillation program, including personnel training, local emergency medical services coordination, protocol approval, automated external defibrillator deployment strategies, and an equipment maintenance plan and records.”
  • AED owners are no longer required to have a state certified physician sign off the AEDs before using them at any locations.
  • Although it is highly recommended, by law we are not required to maintain AEDs at our locations. Based on changes in other states, every location that’s open to the public and non-public may be required to have one. in the foreseeable future. For example, there are agencies talking to the Federal government and New Jersey already passed legislation (Janet’s Law) which requires all public and non-public schools to have an AED onsite.
  • It is recommended that high schools with ten or more instructional and administrative staff have at least three employees with current certification or training in emergency First Aid, CPR and the use of an AED.
  • In addition to the school nurse, the school’s coaches are an ideal group to be trained in the use of automated external defibrillators because Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) can occur during organized sports activities, such as baseball, football, basketball and soccer, or during a physical education class. The diocese recommends all coaches and their assistants be trained in the use of AEDs.

Batteries should be replaced every 4 years, and pads should be replaced every 2 years and after each use. The AED devices are to be maintained and tested to manufacturer's standards. Manufacturer’s warranty should always be followed.

AED’s should be located in areas where they are easily accessible by trained personnel.

All staff should be aware of the location of the AED’s in the school and parish buildings. Signs should be visible to indicate the location of all AEDs.

Questions about the diocesan's CPR, First Aid, and AED Program should be directed to Omar Mejia at 703-841-2503.

AED Purchase

AED America is currently providing special offers to all diocesan locations for the purchase AEDs. Their ordering process is very simple and their customer service is very good. They offer a good price compared to other vendors in the market. Please contact Nick at American AED; give him reference# NW100 and let him know you are with the Diocese of Arlington and he will workout a deal for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the pricing or service, please contact Omar Mejia.

This is the contact information for AED purchases:

Nick Washburn

American AED, Inc.


Please let the Office of Risk Management know when an AED is added at your location. The office maintains a record of which locations have one.

CPR Mannequin and AED Trainer Lending Library

The Office of Risk Management maintains a supply of CPR mannequins and AED trainers. They are available on a first come, first serve basis, and the borrowing party is responsible for picking up and returning the items and cleaning the mannequins. If your parish or school wishes to conduct a CPR, First Aid, and AED training class and needs additional mannequins and/or AED training devices, please contact Omar Mejia. There is a $7.00 borrowing fee per attendee at each class given. There are child/adult mannequins and infant mannequins available. We hope these additional resources will help your parish or school with its training needs.