Diocesan Facility Use Insurance Policy

The Diocese of Arlington has a facility use insurance policy in place for events held at Diocesan facilities that are hosted or sponsored by the Diocese of Arlington and any of its schools or parishes. A parish or school sponsored event is any gathering that is advertised and promoted by the parish or school, such as a dinner, festival, picnic, bazaar, race, youth car wash, movie night, etc. Gatherings at the church directly following a religious event held at the church, such as baptism or funeral, is covered under the Diocesan policy.

Family receptions hosted by non-parish adults for baptisms or funerals not held at the church would not be covered. Non-religious events hosted by independent associations, groups, parents or individuals, such as birthday parties or graduations are not covered. Wedding receptions are specifically excluded and the party hosting the reception must purchase a special event insurance or find another source to provide insurance. Events hosted by the Kights of Columbus or other independent associations such as caterers or third party contractors must provide proof of insurance to use Diocesan property.

Third Party Facility Rental

All third party users of Diocesan property are required to carry and provide proof of liability insurance from an outside insurance agency of no less than $1 million per occurrence, and with the Catholic Diocese of Arlington designated as additional insured.

This is achieved with the following wording:

"The Most Rev. Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, VA, and his successors in office are named as additional insured for those operations of the Named Insured."

The user must provide proof of insurance prior to using the property.

Special Event Application and Facility Use Agreement

A Diocesan Special Event Insurance Policy can be purchased thru the Office of Risk Management in the event that a third party does not carry it's own liability insurance. The cost for this policy is $125.00. Some events may not be covered by any Diocesan insurance policy. A Special Event Application and a Facility Use Agreement Form will need to be completed by the location renting out the facility and submitted to the Office of Risk Management. The special event insurance policy provides coverage for a one time basis; exceptions can be made thru the Office of Risk Management for events that last multiple sessions or dates and prior approval is required. Coverage for events that last multiple sessions or dates is limited to a 90 day period. If any additional rental is needed beyond the 90 day extension period, a new policy needs to be purchased and a new application needs to be submitted to the Office of Risk Management.

Procedures to Follow if Alcohol is Being Served at Events Held on Diocesan Property

For special events that include alcohol not distributed by a licensed caterer, a liquor license from the Va Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) may be necessary. According to the commission, “non-profit 501C entities having and/or hosting private parties on their premises are not required to obtain a permit provided that the alcohol is not being sold." A liquor license will more than likely be required for events that are open to the public, have a charge to get in and/or have sale of alcohol. The commission will be the one to determine if a liquor license is necessary. We only submit a liquor license application if the event requires a permit. If an application is submitted without the need of a license then the application will be returned and a $15.00 processing fee will be held back, and for that reason the commission asks that individuals check with them first to see if they need a license or not. Please have the applicant contact the commission at 703-313-4432 and ask to speak to an agent to see if their event requires a liquor license. A copy of the liquor license needs to be forward to us if the applicant is required to have one. Contact the Office of Risk Management with questions.

Coverage does not apply to certain events such as, but not limited to:

  • Sporting events, including tournaments and camps
  • Any carnival event
  • Amusement rides, including mechanically operated devices, trampolines and rebounding devices
  • Fireworks and fireworks displays
  • Events where a fee or admission is charged, unless all proceeds go to charity
  • Events organized or operated by professional promoters/performers
  • Events with attendance of more than 1,000 persons
  • Events which exceed 72 hours in duration
  • Events involving pool or lake activities
  • Events involving recreational vehicles

The special event coverage purchased through the diocese is not intended to cover long term lease situations.

Long Term Leases

  • All locations are advised to contact the Office of Risk Management or the Chancellor to negotiate and draft any rental or lease agreements entered into for the use of buildings or property. Besides clearly outlining the terms and conditions for using your facility, contracts must contain a hold harmless clause to protect your location, pastor, employees, volunteers, etc. who may have possible exposure to any and all liability as a result of a tenant’s operation on your premises.

Parishes and Diocesan-Owned Properties

  • If you are leasing or renting any portion of the real property or any building space of your parish or school, you MUST contact the Office of Risk Management. Properly drafted lease/rental agreements are necessary to outline the terms and conditions for the use of the facility, the liability and property insurance requirements, as well as the essential hold harmless language to protect the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, the Bishop, and your location.

Catholic Charities Agencies and Institutions

  • All Catholic Charities locations who rent or lease any portion of their building(s) or grounds to an outside entity MUST contact the Office of Risk Management to draft contracts outlining the facility’s use and protecting all corporate entities from the risk of potential liability.