The following examples requires Renters' Liability Insurance:

  • Private receptions or gatherings directly following a religious event held at the church, such as baptism or funeral, are non-sponsored events.
  • Family receptions hosted by non-parish adults for baptisms, weddings, or funerals not held at the church.
  • Non-religious events hosted by independent associations, groups, parents, or individuals, such as birthday parties or graduations are not covered and Renters' Liability Insurance is required.
  • Events hosted by the Knights of Columbus or other independent associations such as caterers or third-party contractors must provide proof of insurance to use Diocesan property.


  • Event Checklist - Click HERE to review type of event.
  • Facility Use Agreement - Click HERE for the required agreement needed.
  • Renters' Liability Insurance Application - Click HERE for the fillable insurance application.
  • Liquor Liability - Click HERE for information regarding state liquor liability.