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San Damiano Spiritual Life Center Retreat Center

Google Map of <p>Deacon Mark Maines, Director<br />Jessy Vann, Administrative Bookkeeper<br />Gib Gerbracht, Facilities Manager<br />Angel Louzonis, Food Services Manager<br />Roxanne Wilson, Food Services Assistant Manager<br /><br /><br /></p><p> </p><p>San Damiano Spiritual Life Center<br />125 Old Kitchen Road<br />White Post Virginia 22663 </p>

Deacon Mark Maines, Director
Jessy Vann, Administrative Bookkeeper
Gib Gerbracht, Facilities Manager
Angel Louzonis, Food Services Manager
Roxanne Wilson, Food Services Assistant Manager


San Damiano Spiritual Life Center
125 Old Kitchen Road
White Post Virginia 22663