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Share the Journey:

Migration Campaign


On Wednesday, September 27th, Pope Francis launched Caritas Internationalis’ ‘Share the Journey’, a worldwide campaign calling on Catholics and the faithful to ‘encounter’ migrants and refugees in an effort to break down barriers of fear and suspicion and build bridges of understanding and hospitality.

This two-year campaign will promote the strengthening of relationships between migrants, refugees and communities through action and awareness by shining light on the challenges and effects of migration at all points on the journey.

The campaign will also harness the strength of Caritias Internationalis organizations like Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to campaign for a shift in thinking.

To learn more about migration and how you can join Caritas Internationalis in showing your support for immigrants, please visit the Share the Journey campaign website.

Our Diocesan Efforts

To support our Holy Father’s campaign, Bishop Burbidge is asking all the faithful in the Diocese to join him in continuing to make our diocese a place of welcome for the stranger in our midst. 

Throughout this two-year campaign we will support our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters through…

1. Prayer

First, we pray for ourselves, that we may recognize in the faces of migrants and refugees, the Holy Family, who themselves fled their home to escape persecution. We also pray for those who must flee, and pray for their persecutors. 

Download and print the “Share the Journey” campaign prayer in English, Spanish, and French or see more prayer and liturgical resources from the Share the Journey website.


2. A Week of Prayer and Action

On Sunday, October 8 the Diocese will begin a Week of Prayer and Action for the “Share the Journey” Campaign. We ask that you join your priests and fellow parishioners in praying for migrants and refugees at Mass that weekend. We also encourage you to do what you can to be a welcoming presence for those with whom you come into contact in your daily life.

Parish leaders:
Looking for ideas on how to launch "Share the Journey" in your parish? Download this Parish Toolkit (PDF)


3. Opportunities offered through Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington

Finally, please take advantage of the many opportunities available at this time through Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington to help extend the welcome of Christ to those who long for this gift.

Visit the Catholic Charities website

Watch Pope Francis announce the launch of the "Share the Journey" campaign