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The Foundation is a public charity that assists diocesan parishes, schools, ministries and other entities with securing long-term philanthropic support.

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The Mission

Our mission is to receive and steward charitable gifts in support of the spiritual, educational and social service needs of families and individuals by helping provide for the long-term financial stability of parishes, schools, diocesan ministries and other entities aligned with the principles of the Roman Catholic Church.

Overview of The Foundation

Founded in 2011, The Foundation, a 501©(3) public charity, tax identification # 45-3581965, was created for the purpose of providing tools, resources, and support to make giving simple and effective.

We works primarily with parishes, schools, diocesan ministries and other entities within the Catholic Diocese of Arlington to complement their current development efforts and assist them in securing long-term and strategic philanthropic support. We also assist other entities utilizing the principles of the Roman Catholic Church.

We receive outright gifts to facilitate annual charitable giving (cash, appreciated securities and other assets) and/or may involve managing a significant windfall or charitable investment in a given year for distribution over a number of years.

Helping Families and Individuals

We offers donors a way to leave their legacies uniquely aligned with their beliefs and values. Our representatives work closely with donors to assist them in making gifts that will benefit the specific programs they wish to support.

We also provide assistance to donors who wish to establish Permanently Restricted Endowed Funds or Donor-Advised Funds (DAF). A DAF provides the donor and their family with an efficient and effective way to carry out sacrificial giving and conduct their philanthropy. It establishes the opportunity to focus family energies on the true joys of philanthropy rather than the administrative burdens of maintaining a private family foundation.

The Foundation may also receive and manage planned gifts to support a longer-term charitable commitment. These gifts may include a bequest from a will, a trust, and/or a life income agreement.

Funds that individuals and families may establish or direct their philanthropic support to include, but are not limited to:

  • The Foundation's Restricted Endowment Funds:
    Current restricted funds provide support to diocesan programs including:
    • Seminarian Education and Vocation Programs
    • Operating Endowment
    • Catholic Diocese of Arlington Endowment

This list of funds will grow over time with the establishment of new endowment funds which will benefit:

    • Parishes and Parish Endowment Funds
    • Catholic Elementary and High Schools along with Faith Formation
    • The Priest Pension Fund and the Care of Retired Priests
    • Specific programs such as Evangelization and Respect Life
    • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington
  • The Foundation's Unrestricted Endowment Fund:
    This fund generates income to support needs identified by the Foundation Board.
  • Donor-Advised Funds (DAF):
    These funds allow a donor to make irrevocable, tax-deductible charitable gifts from which at a time in the future they can recommend grant distributions to other charitable organizations.

    It is a philanthropic tool not unlike private family foundations, but with different tax advantages and less complexity as exists in the context of a private foundation.

    The attached chart includes some comparative reasons for establishing a DAF at The Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington rather than a private family foundation.

  • Memorial Funds:
    Perpetual funds named in the memory of an individual or family may be restricted to a charitable interest reflected in their life or, be unrestricted.
  • Scholarship Funds:
    Scholarship funds may be established for a specific need or in someone’s memory. These funds may have a limited duration such as a period of years or until all funds are used.

Management and Leadership

The Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington’s sole member is the Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington. He is advised by a Board of Directors. The Board meets quarterly as is required by established Bylaws.

The Board of Directors shall consist of not fewer than 3 individuals and not more than 12 individuals. Ex officio members of the Board include the Diocesan Finance Officer, Chancellor, and the Moderator of the Curia.

For further information or to establish a donor relationship with The Foundation for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, please contact Robert Mueller at (703) 841-2545 or