From the desk of Bishop Burbidge

“The love of Christ compels us.” 2 Cor 5:14

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One of our seminarians, sadly moved by the situation of our church, said: “I have never before had so strong a desire to be a holy priest for the sake of church — for the sake of every person who constitutes her.”

God still calls.  Even when we see our Church in turmoil, when we witness daily trials to our faith, when we hear of violence to people of faith, often in the name of religion, God is still calling men and women to follow him.

These seeming obstacles only make God’s case —and ours — more compelling. Our world needs saints, holy men and women who’ve made an encounter with the love of Christ and offered their very selves to bring this love to others so desperate for it.

Let National Vocations Awareness Week be an invitation, a call, to all of us, first to encounter Christ’s love, and then to let it compel us to be — and to pray for — the saints our world needs.

He is still calling.


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