Universal call to holiness RC Church procession

The general call to holiness is concretized through one’s particular vocation. The following areas are offered as an aid to become more open to that vocation and to thus, follow Christ more closely:

PRAY…asking the Lord to show you the vocation He has prepared for you and invites you to embrace.

LISTEN…to God and have the courage to respond to Him freely and generously.

RECITE…the rosary daily, asking Mary, the Mother of Christ and the Mother of us all, to intercede with her Son on your behalf.

MAKE…Eucharistic Holy Hours, placing yourself in the Real Presence of the One who calls, the One who invites.

READ…and meditate on Sacred Scripture and other good spiritual reading including the lives of the saints.

ATTEND…Mass and receive Holy Communion as often as your state in life and current responsibilities will allow.

GO…to the Sacrament of Penance, frequently and consistently.

SERVE…your parish, and elsewhere, as needed and as you are able.

TALK…with a priest or consecrated religious about your vocation questions and concerns, seeking spiritual direction and guidance.