National Vocation Awareness Week 2018

National Vocation Awareness Week is November 4-11 this year. This is an opportunity for all the faithful of our diocese to reflect on, pray for, promote and possibly discern their own vocation. 

No matter which vocation we are called to live as an expression of God’s love in the world, everyone is called to holiness. There are many resources on our website to aid you along this path.

Look for inserts in your parish bulletins November 10-11 featuring this year's seminarian poster and an interview with the parents of two of our seminarians answering the question, "What if God called one of your children to be a priest or sister?" There's also a list of upcoming vocational events in the diocese. Download a copy below.

Seminarians and religious sisters and brothers will be speaking in a number of parishes November 10-11. Get to know our seminarians and what led them to seminary.


Praying for the Vocations in our Diocese


It’s hard to imagine but the ratio of priests to parishioner in our diocese is roughly 1 per 5,000! Even though it may seem we are blessed in the area of vocations, “the harvest is [still] abundant and laborers are few.”

Keep in your prayers those who have been called and are working in the vineyard of our diocese:

184 Diocesan Priests
25 External Priests
61 Religious Order Priests
5 Eastern Rite Priests
125 Religious Sisters
6 Religious Brothers
93 Permanent Deacons
4 Deacons in the Catholic Eastern Rite

Also pray for those whom the Lord has called from our diocese who are currently in formation and continuing to discern their call:

46 Diocesan Seminarians
71 Men and Women in formation for religious life

And pray for those God is calling right now, and will call in the future.

If you or someone you know might be called to explore their vocation to priesthood or religious life, contact Fr. Isenberg, or 703-841-2514.