Parish Vocation Liaisons

Every parish is encouraged to have a liaison with the Office of Vocations to assist the pastor as he would like in the promotion of vocations, and this person is encouraged to form a team for their vocations ministry.

Vocation Liaisons perform a variety of tasks for their pastors: they ensure the brochure racks and bulletin boards have updated vocational materials; they look for opportunities to offer holy hours or other events to pray for vocations; they can implement programs like the Vocations Crucifix or Stations of the Cross for Vocations; they compile spiritual bouquets to support seminarians, and more.

Inquire at your parish or see below if you would like to learn more about vocations ministry at your parish.

The Role of the Parish Vocation Liaison

  • COLLABORATION with the pastor, priests, DRE, school principal, youth and young adult ministers in your parish to increase the awareness of the importance of vocation discernment. Develop a parish-wide plan especially for Vocation Awareness Week.
  • PRAYER: through intercessions at Mass; have prayer cards available at parish; Holy Hours, Stations of the Cross; St. Therese Vocation Society brochures; institute the Traveling Crucifix Program; and rosaries for vocations.
  • EXPOSURE: Vocation Office materials, posters, bulletin boards, visits by the Director of the Office of Vocations to preach at Masses and do school and CCD classroom outreach.
  • INVITATION: love your faith, help others see the importance of religious vocations; ask them to consider it personally.

There is an annual workshop for parish vocation liaisons to share ideas and get inspired about the important work they are doing in their parishes.