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World Day for Consecrated Life

What is the World Day for Consecrated Life?

In 1997, St. John Paul II set aside the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord, February 2, to celebrate those men and women who have devoted their lives to the Lord by living out the counsels of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. The Presentation has traditionally been known as Candlemas Day, when candles are blessed to represent Christ the Light of the World, and those consecrated men and women who are bringing His light to all people.

The celebration in the United States is now moved to the nearest Sunday, which this year is February 3, 2019.  

What is Consecrated Life?

“The Consecrated Life, deeply rooted in the example and teaching of Christ the Lord, is a gift of God the Father to his Church through the Holy Spirit. By the profession of the evangelical counsels the characteristic features of Jesus — the chaste, poor and obedient one — are made constantly "visible" in the midst of the world and the eyes of the faithful are directed towards the mystery of the Kingdom of God already at work in history, even as it awaits its full realization in heaven.” – St. John Paul II, Vita Consecrata #1

  In Poverty, consecrated persons live a radical dependence on Christ for their material needs. 

  In Chastity, consecrated persons give witness to their special and unique bond with Jesus Christ.

  In Obedience, consecrated persons sacrifice their own will to become God’s instruments in the world.  

Pray for the Consecrated Men and Women of our Diocese

There are currently 150 men and women religious working in our parishes and schools, as well as in cloistered orders, and 68 men and women from our diocese in formation with religious orders all over the world.

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If you or someone you know might be called to explore their vocation to priesthood or religious life, contact Fr. Isenberg, or 703-841-2514.

Pope Francis

Read Pope Francis' Homily for World Day for Consecrated Life

"The life of this world pursues selfish pleasures and desires; the consecrated life frees our affections of every possession in order fully to love God and other people."

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